Character Creation

Collaborative Character Creation Worksheet

Character creation breaks down into four broad steps:

  • Choose one or more Backgrounds. You receive Cover 10 and Network 15 for free
  • Choose your Investigative abilities. (These abilities always succeed. If you spend points from them, you succeed even better.) You receive Streetwise and Tradecraft at 1 for free.
  • Choose your General abilities. (You roll a single d6 and spend points to see if these abilities succeed.). You receive Health and Stability at 4 for free. You also get to pick your MOS (you choose one of your General abilities as your “Military Occupational Specialty”, you may use your MOS once per session to automatically succeed.)
  • Build your personality and dossier

Alternatively you can start out with your character’s personality and dossier, then select backgrounds to match it and abilities to complement those elements.

Skills and Background Packages

Personality and Dossier

Character Creation

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